One device.

All payment methods.

Elly POS Terminal. Irreplaceable all in one device accepting all your payment transactions.
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Let your customers decide how they want to pay

Expand your customer base by enabling new and emerging payment methods.
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All plans include

Elly Smart POS
Card payments
Settlement within 48 hours
Crypto payments
Fully loaded SIM card
Manager dashboard
Call support on demand
Docking station

NO hidden fees

No reporting fee
No minimal charge fee
No other hidden fees
No PCI compliance fee

Elly Smart POS

mobile & WiFi connectivity
built-in thermal printer
docking station
10-hour battery life
multiple payment options
daily statement report
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Our COVID-19 promise

The virus is unpredictable, but we understand the consequences it might have on your business.

No fee or low fee on the terminal rent during lockdown restrictions according to your package.
Meet Elly POS

Buy now, pay later

receive full payment immediately
offer customers a simpler way to pay
boost your conversion rate
no fraud risk
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Your customers can use Laybuy to pay for their purchase in 6 weekly, interest-free instalments whilst you receive settlement into your nominated account up front.

When Laybuy is selected as a payment method, customer simply completes the purchase using mobile phone.
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Elly Manager

Elly Manager

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"I can't believe how much easier Unicorns made our lives. We're saving so much time with their automated tracking!"
-Rudra Ghosh
CEO, Vermillion
"Our customer service rating has improved so much ever since we adopted Unicorns. The smooth integrations and easy tracking system has shortened ticket response times considerably."
-Pritom Rani
VP Sales, Cobalt

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